Toms and Beckys


2017 – 2018 Official Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher

Eric Hudson and Jade Thomas


The 2017-2018 Tom and Becky Goodwill Ambassadors

Linnea Brown, Andrew Catalpa, Jade Thomas, Eric Hudson, Brooklyn Haye,

Elijah Dexheimer, Kendel Locke, Samuel Hirner, Claire Martinson, Colton Broughton




Miles McIntyre and Ellie Locke

2016-2017 Tom and Becky Ambassadors

Tom: Mason Latta, Tristen Terrill, Miles McIntyre, Spencer Street and Drew Tweedy Becky: Cami Bross, Ellie Locke, Sydney Hart, Morgan Roth and Baylee Zeiger


 2015-2016 Tom and Becky Ambassadors

Toms: Gabe Mueller, Sidney Patterson, Rhet Reed, Mason Tharp and Carson Turner. Beckys: Abigail Benning, Molly Broughton, Danielle Brown, Claudia Nichols and Shelby Pritchett


2015-2016 Official Tom Sawyer and  Becky Thatcher

Rhet and Molly
Rhet Reed, son of Rich and Tammy Reed and Molly Broughton, daughter of Chris and Heidi Broughton.

2014-2015 Tom and Becky Ambassadors

(front from left) Riley Stevenson, Danielle Behl, Lillie Ford, Bailey Meyer, Claire Thomas, (back from left) Jordan Schafer, Jace Tischer, John Maune, Mason Jones, and Conner Bross


Congratualtions to the 2014-2015 Official Tom and Becky!

John Maune, Son of Neil and Chris Maune, and Riley Stevenson, Daughter of Kevin and Rhonda Stevenson